Many of us these days have our own water bottle we carry around with us, whether for work or leisure times. Do you ever question how clean your bottle is? and when you have washed it, have you got into the crevices sufficiently to have cleaned it properly? Well as part of our Let’s Get Friendly Collection, we have the Ecococonut Bottle Brush, which is made from Bamboo Wood and Natural Coconut Hair Fibres. The brush has natural antibacterial properties, and is flexible to get into all the corners of the bottle. It is also great for cleaning our baby bottles too.

The Bottle Brush is just one of the collection we offer, as we also have a Dish Brush for washing the dishes and a 2 pack of Ecococonut Scourers, which are amazing, and last for weeks, unlike many of the plastic sponges and scourers.

All the Lets Get Friendly range is great for our planet, and fully recyclable, so we are doing our bit to protect our Earth too. Frilly Zebra has diversified into many products that are sustainable and also good for our Mental Health and Well being, and will continue to expand our range of products for you in this area, as well as offering amazing quality bags, scarves and accessories too.