Pink Oval Plug In Warmer


Pink Oval Plug In Warmer

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Pink Oval electric wax melt burner, in a pink / lilac circles glass design. Plugs directly into the socket and has a dish well built into the top to hold your wax melt. On illuminating the glass has a beautiful warm glow effect.

A beautifully stylish way to bring gorgeous scents into any room. Great to remove any stale, cooking or pet smells.

Comes with an assorted selection of 6 wax melts.

(Suitable for UK 3 pin plugs only)

Safety Recommendations – It is advised that this product be used in safe locations only, for example, in kitchen plug sockets which are above ground level. Please avoid using in areas likely to be accessed by children or pets.

Without prejudice – The lifespan of G9 halogen bulbs may be prolonged by handling new bulbs with care and not touching them with bare skin.

G9 halogen bulbs present in most electric burners / aroma lamps do (like any other bulb) have a finite lifespan, and will need replacing from time to time. However, touching glass halogen bulbs with bare skin is reported to be a possible cause of bulbs blowing prematurely, or not fulfilling their normal lifespan. it is reported that when the oily residue from fingertips and bare skin comes into contact with the outside of the glass bulb, this can affect the halogen inside the bulb – causing the halogen gas to distribute unevenly inside the bulb and weakening the filament inside. It is therefore recommended that bulbs are handled using paper towels, kitchen roll (or similar) to avoid contact with skin,

Also to maximise the lifespan of your halogen bulbs, it is reportedly recommended that once the wax has completely melted, to turn down the heat setting on the lamp (where possible) from maximum setting. All of the aroma lamps we stock are designed to operate on this maximum setting without issue (whilst according to manufacturers usage guidelines), however reducing the heat setting once your wax has melted may help to make your bulb last longer.



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