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Frilly Zebra offers fashion forward Scarves and Bags to Purses and Bum Bags. Look Fantastic while doing your part to protect our planet with our eco collection at The Beautiful Turtle.  





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Wear your Scarf – Stay Safe

Wear your Scarf – Stay Safe

Covid-19 has caused a great deal of disruption to our lives, and continues to do so. The Government and WHO are advising now to ensure we wear masks when travelling on Public Transport, and now to wear in all Public places. Not everyone has a Mask, however, they are...

Crossover Bags

Crossover Bags

Have you seen our collection of Crossover Bags? They are a perfect size for popping out, just right for your lipgloss, mobile phone, and a purse, with a little bit more space for a few other essentials. The bags are great to wear across your body with the adjustable...

How clean is your Water Bottle?

How clean is your Water Bottle?

Many of us these days have our own water bottle we carry around with us, whether for work or leisure times. Do you ever question how clean your bottle is? and when you have washed it, have you got into the crevices sufficiently to have cleaned it properly? Well as...